By Gleason Archer

In this revised quantity, Gleason Archer's unique examine is up-to-date by means of writer Dillon Burroughs. It approaches the examine of the Old Testament from both a common and particular aspect of view. 

Dealing first with concerns over which many students debate, Archer deals proof to help the conservative view of canonicity, historicity, inspiration, textual difficulties, and better criticism. The moment part dissects each ebook of the outdated testomony individually. Archer completely covers matters like biblical creationism; Noah's Ark and the flood; authorship; chronology; and alleged language, sort, and subject matter differences.

A Survey of outdated testomony Introduction is important to scholars and laymen who are looking to comprehend the conservative place of previous Testament issues and aren't afraid to ascertain serious views. 

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T h e Codex Mediolanensis, containing I I Kings, Isaiah, the M i n o r Prophets, Lamentations, a n d the Poetical Books except for the Psalms, w a s published b y H . M i d d e l d o r p f i n B e r l i n , 1835. E. O T H E R VERSIONS 1. T h e Coptic Versions. Coptic was a vernacular descended f r o m the language of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, although b y Christian times it had b o r r o w e d m a n y Greek words and was w r i t t e n i n the Greek alphab e t . F i v e o r six d i s t i n c t d i a l e c t s w e r e s p o k e n , b u t t h e B i b l e t r a n s l a t i o n s are m o s t l y either i n Sahidic ( a s o u t h e r n dialect) or i n B o h a i r i c ( s p o k e n i n M e m p h i s a n d t h e D e l t a ) .

T h e C o d e x A r g e n t e u s c o n t a i n s o n l y N e h e m i a h 5—7. F. T H E POLYGLOTS A w o r d should be said a b o u t t h e great polyglots w h i c h b e g a n t o appear about the time of the Reformation. T h e polyglots were elaborate and expensive printed editions i n w h i c h the H e b r e w text a n d all of the available ancient versions w e r e p r i n t e d i n parallel columns. 46 A SURVEY OF O L D TESTAMENT INTRODUCTION 1. T h e C o m p l u t e n s i a n P o l y g l o t w a s t h e earliest (so n a m e d f r o m C o m p l u t u m or Alcala i n Spain, w h e r e it was prepared).

Written i n an E g y p t i a n hand, and containing a fairly comp l e t e t e x t o f a l l t h e p r o p h e t s e x c e p t H o s e a . T h e t e x t is o f p r e - H e x a p l a r i c type, a n d a m o n g t h e u n c i a l m a n u s c r i p t s i t is s o m e w h a t closer t o Q a n d A l e p h t h a n to the others. Yet it bears n o t e w o r t h y affinities to such m i n u s c u l e M S S a s 4 0 7 , 198, 2 3 3 , 5 3 4 a n d 4 1 0 - w h i c h l i k e w i s e s h o w a p r e Hexaplaric t y p e of text.

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