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He also spends time in the court of Charles the Bald of the Franks where he learns about his greatest enemy: the Vikings. 853 CE O Marriage to O Battle against Ivar Ealhswith the Boneless Alfred marries Alfred and Aethelred Ealhswith of Mercia fight the Viking host led as a way of showing by Ivar the Boneless in solidarity against the Mercia. Despite fierce invading Vikings. ” wherever they find it. 868 CE 868 CE O Alfred is made heir apparent In order to prevent a succession crisis in the face of the Viking invasion the reigning king, Aethelred, agrees that Alfred should be next in line to the throne despite Aethelred having children.

Therefore, the shortkingdom of France, as well as the lived Empire of Normandy died with the continual threats of Danish invasions formidable ruler who created it. of England, enemies surrounded 49 The adventures of Marco Polo Travelling to locations so exotic many would not believe his tales, Marco Polo lived an extraordinary life filled with wonderment and awe arco Polo’s life sounds like a fairy story. An ordinary boy from Venice is taken by his father and uncle across Asia and meets the world’s most powerful ruler, who employs him for 17 years, after which he returns home and records his journey in one of the most famous travel books of all time.

Satisfied with just crops or gold, although for Boyhood games and poetry recitals rural farmers like the Anglo-Saxons came to an abrupt end when a Viking this was bad enough. They wanted army landed in the Anglo-Saxon to enslave and brutalise the Alfred was kingdom of East Angles in 865. people themselves and destroy the first king on Stories of these iron-willed their original society. With the the British Isles who and bloodthirsty warriors had other Anglo-Saxon kingdoms circulated in his father’s court divided or conquered, Wessex established a universal and it was widely feared that (The Kingdom of the West set of written legal they were undefeatable.

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