By Maurice Casey

This publication is going at the back of the Greek textual content of the Gospel of Mark and reconstructs a few of its resources within the unique Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. This paintings has been made attainable by way of the book of the entire Aramaic useless Sea Scrolls, which supply a foundation of Jewish Aramaic for the ideal interval. by means of reconstructing Aramaic assets and analyzing them of their unique context, this publication increases the extent of facts that Jesus acknowledged and did the various issues attributed to him in our earliest resources.

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C. , ICC. Edinburgh, 1988±97), vol. I, pp. 495±8. 57 Casey, Is John's Gospel True? 58 We must conclude that Dalman's major contribution to knowledge lay in the Jewish background to the New Testament, rather than in understanding sayings of Jesus. 59 Both showed learning and ingenuity, but were so unsound of method that very few of their suggestions have survived criticism. Burney pointed out a number of features of Semitic writing in the Gospels. 61 Having ®rst noted this as a formal characteristic of Hebrew poetry,62 he set out many Gospel sayings in such a way as to draw attention to this feature of them.

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