By Anastasia Hollings

Amelia Warner will cease at not anything to get what she wishes: every thing.

Seventeen-year-old Amelia Warner is often at the open air. relocating from boarding college to boarding institution together with her brother and their father, the untenured professor, does not support. Amelia lives inches from the little children of the elite, ceaselessly taking a look in at the appealing humans. A natural-born charmer who does not lie a lot as transform the reality to her virtue, Amelia is well-versed within the artwork of faking a high-society identification to get restricted entry to the luxe lifestyles, yet she's by no means discovered tips on how to actually belong. Then she meets Courtney Moore, the higher East part heiress who wishes a pal as badly as Amelia desires to be that buddy, and all of sudden an international of chance opens up for her. events, purchasing, her personal wing within the Moore mansion—it's all hers for the taking, so long as she will be able to hold her genuine lifestyles a mystery, specifically from the recent acquaintance who is been asking method too many questions. Can Amelia remain one step sooner than the doubters to safe her position within the appealing global?

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Maybe that’s where you went wrong” was the answer. Although she wasn’t mean enough to say it. ) Anyway, Amelia was revising her thought about wanting everything in the store: she wasn’t interested in the engagement rings. She had a lot of years to get under her belt before she would need to do some business in the Cartier bridal department . . although when she was ready for it, she would refuse to look at anything less than five carats. Five carats or more: she’d already decided. It 50 seemed important to decide early in life what kind of person you were going to be.

Amelia laughed at her own joke and then spotted Courtney’s Roman history book peeking out from her straw bag, and made her tone earnest. “We’re like Romulus and Remus. The twins, you know. ” Amelia remembered Romulus and Remus from things her father had tried to teach them. They were twins, and raised by wolves, and were the patron saints of Rome. “God, you know so much about history,” said Courtney. Then she gave a lovesick sigh. ” Way back when, it had been hard for Amelia to believe that anyone could actually have a crush on Zach (he was 47 such a dork, or at least sometimes), but she’d finally started to accept (and expect) it.

Anyway, so I was thinking that I like Anouk better than Amelia. It has more gravitas. ” Gravitas, Zach thought. Riiiiight. Zach’s sister had recently started going by Amelia, because she thought it sounded, as she said, “chicer” and “more refined” than Ann. ) She wasn’t eighteen yet, so the name change hadn’t been, like, legal. “Amelia” wasn’t official, not that such a detail really seemed to bother her all that much. But on her eighteenth birthday she would, she swore, go down to the courthouse and put through the necessary paperwork to reduce that 27 peasanty “Ann” to a thing of the past.

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