By R. G. Allanson-Winn

Contents: Introductory. place. immediately Hitting. Guarding and Slipping. The Cross-Counter. Right-Handed Boxers. Timing or Countering. Feinting. In-Fighting, The Contracted-Arm, Upper-Cut and Cross-Buttock. a coarse and Tumble. harmful Hits. A road struggle and los angeles Savate. undesirable Examples. Comparative advantage. guideline. education. Judging. workouts.

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DANGEROUS HITS. PUTTING aside those minor accidents, such as sprained ankle, sprained wrist, dislocated thumb, broken nose or black eye—all of which may occasionally happen—it may be well to shortly refer to those few hits which may be termed dangerous, from their liability to suddenly terminate a bout 54 BOXING. or fight. Injuries on the stakes, or the sudden snapping of a tendon or muscle, or a bad sprained ankle may incapacitate a man, but I am now alluding only to those actual hits which, when they get well home on certain parts of the person, are liable to do considerable injury.

CHAPTER VII. “ T I M I N G ” OR COUNTERING THERE is nothing in the art which requires greater accuracy of eye, and knowledge of reach and speed, than this very delicate operation of timing. You somehow find out, partly by intuition and partly through the experience of a round or two, what sort of speed your opponent possesses, and you also take his measure as to reach. If you ascertain that you are slightly quicker and possess a longer reach, then watch carefully for the slightest movement on his part, and the very instant you perceive such movement, hit out bang at his head with your left.

52 contracted-arm with your right on the left side of his head. Remember that when once he has succeeded in getting a firm grip of your left arm and in throwing your head back your position is not a comfortable one, and you cannot make an effective hit until you have got out of the hold he has on you. CHAPTER X. ” A good coach, who will constantly keep you up to your position, and from whom you learn a fresh wrinkle each time you box with him, is invaluable. If possible, go on with him for a year or so—varying the work with occasional spars with other good boxers—and then, when your eye possesses some nicety in the matter of judging distance, and your hitting and defensive powers are really showing improvement, you may take a few turns with rough natural fighters such as may be found in country villages.

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