By Cary, Earnest; Dio Cassius; Foster, Herbert Baldwin

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Then he went through Syria into the province of ^ See chap. 1, H. 49 VOL. VI. u.. 30 DIO'S ,'€<. '^, ^,^, ', TO Wvo<^ Sta 2 ROMAN HISTOKV T/}9 re yap ^ €tl ^ ' - \ 8 . ', 3 ) ? ,) ^ ^ , '^ . ^ ,' ^. 6 6 7], 6 Tjj pi , ^ ^ ^ , ^ ^ 19 ^ yap ayopa 2 ya, '7avypv , yvXo ^ " 50 5 T(jf> , VM Diiid,, Gin. V. "^ cvepyeoias (and SO just below). evepyeaia ". M, - ; HOOK LI Asia and passed the winter there settlinir the various affairs of the subject nations as well as tliose of tlie Parthians. It seems there liad been dissension among• the Parthians and a certain Tiridates had risen against Pln*aates and liitherto^ as long as Antony's 0})position lasted^ even after the naval battle, Caesar had not only not attached himself to either side, though they sought his alliance, but had not even answered them except to say that he would think the matter over.

BOOK LI by these means slie might inspire was not her purpose to die, and so might be less elosely guarded and thus be able to destroy herself. And so it came about. For as soon as the others and E})aphroditus, to vhose charge she had been committed, had come to believe that she really felt as she ])retended to, and neglected to keep a in tlie liope that belief that it careful vatch, she made her preparations to die as painlessly as })ossible. First she gave a sealed paper, in which she begged Caesar to order that she be buried beside Antony, to Epaphroditus himself to deliver, pretending that it contained some other matter, and then, having by this excuse freed herself of his presence, she set to her task.

28 - epy(p yap , - ^ * - 6 (avrhv , eowrV ^''• * , € V. BOOK since, to Li judge by the outcry she made, she exhorted them vigorously to do so. At tlie news concerning Pelusium Antony returned from Paraetonium and went to meet Caesar in front of Alexandria, and attacking him with his cavalry, while the other was wearied from his march, he won the day. Encouraged by this success, and because he had shot arrows into Caesar's camp carrying leaflets which promised the men six thousand sesterces, he joined battle also with his infantry and Avas defeated.

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