By John Ha

This booklet is a touch revised version of Ha’s doctoral dissertation below J. A. Soggin, defended on the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome. This clean learn of Gen 15 isn't just an immense contribution to the knowledge of this bankruptcy, but in addition to Pentateuchal examine often and, hence, hugely recommended.
Part one reports the team spirit of Gen 15 and the prophetic impression. Ha bargains his personal translation o f this article whose problems are popular. For the ובן משק ביתי in v. 2, Ha follows L. A. Snijders and interprets “and the usurper of my house—he is a Damascene—is Eliezer.” The adverse personality of Eliezer may well turn into an issue in Gen 24:2, yet Ha solves it properly (pp. 19-22). He doesn't examine חשׁכה in v. 12b a gloss and interprets “the worry of a good darkness fell upon him" (p. 25). Ha lists all of the difficulties of Gen 15 corresponding to doublets and discrepancies that have raised the matter of the tradition-history and the literary resources of the bankruptcy for a few years. Ha summarizes all of the given recommendations, and as one may count on in a dissertation, he attempts to be exhaustive. He supplies a web page desk, beginning with Gunkel, Skinner, Smend, and so on. and working to De Pury, Zimmerli, and Anbar. The desk exhibits that the source-analysts agree on just a only a few verses and that the rest verses were attributed via diverse students to assorted assets. a number of students, even if, deal with Gen 15 as a literary unit. How the paintings of Van Seters might be referred to as “structural research” (p. three) is a secret.

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R R R R R R R D R J2 Ε Ε Ε E l i e z e r in 2bA = J l . 13bC & 14bB = not E. Independent N a r r a t i v e 2. 2bB: G* = "he i s a Damascene". 14bA: G*="after which". G G G I n t e r p o l a t i o n to connect new m a t e r i a l with o r i g i n a l . G J J J J J J J J Assignment of Ε cannot be demonstrated on the b a s i s of Gen 15 but i s probable i n view of vrtiat i s generally found in Pent. J — D D D Rp = P r i e s t l y Redactor. R R R E2 • L a t e r reworking in the same l i n e a s E.

Die Landverheissung als Eid, 39, also subscribes to this meaning of {ariri and regards it as an old and hardly intelligible word. 19 Text Again in the context of a desire for a blood-heir, the verb hölek very likely assumes the idea of death in the ve, ry same vein as the expression hinaeh änökl hdlek lämut (Gen. 25:32)^, which is given in connection with the motif e - - of b korah - a motif that includes the status of the firstborn as the rightful heir. If this interpretation is right, Abraham was preoccupied with his death that was going to leave him childless.

15 is the result of several stages of development. In its final stage, it achieves its literary unity through the use of two key words: yrs and zera'. In a very skilful way, the final redactor poses two concerns of Abraham. The first is about his childlessness (vv. 2-3) which, put in the form of a question, reads to this effect: who will be my heira stranger or a blood-descendant? " (v. 8). " The answer is given in v. 18: "To thy sees {lezarcaka ) I shall give this land"^. In this way, the two promise themes are unified.

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