By James Allen

1912. To nearly all of humans, lifestyles is a gloomy room the place one is vulnerable to harm himself by way of getting into touch with whatever he can't see. Their common hurts, their disappointments, perplexities, sorrows and pains are because of surprising touch with rules which they don't see and are for this reason no longer ready to accommodate. yet, while the sunshine of knowledge is brought into the darkened figuring out, confusion vanishes, problems are dissolved, all issues are noticeable of their real position and percentage and henceforth one walks, open-eyed and uninjured within the transparent gentle of a sensible comprehension.

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The true man of peace is he who has put away from his mind the spirit of quarreling and party strife, who neither attacks others nor defends himself, and whose heart is at peace with all. Such a man has already laid in his heart the foundations of the empire of peace; he is a peacemaker, for he is at peace with the whole world and practices the spirit of peace under all circumstances. " Bickerings, quarreling, party divisions—these must be forever abandoned by him who would establish peace. War will continue so long as men will allow themselves, individually, to be dominated by passion, and only when men have quelled the inward tumult will the outward horror pass away.

The individual becomes one with humanity. He forgets self in his love for all. His sorrow is swallowed up in the bliss of Truth. Thus when you have, by experience, entered completely into the sorrow that is never lifted from the heart of humankind; when you have reaped and eaten all the bitter fruits of your own wrong thoughts and deeds—then divine compassion for all suffering beings will be born in your heart, healing all your wounds and drying all your tears. You will rise again into a new and heavenly life, where the sting of sorrow cannot enter, for there is no self there.

And not alone are the bright things of life yours; the dark things are yours also. When difficulties and troubles gather thickly about you; when failures come and friends fall away; when the tongue that has sweetly praised you, bitterly blames; when beloved lips that pressed against your lips, the soft, warm kisses of love, taunt and mock you in the lonely hour of your solitary grief; or when you lay beneath the sod the cold casket of clay that but yesterday held the responsive spirit of your beloved— when these things overtake you, remember that the hour of your Gethsemane has come.

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