By Stephen R. Heller

This e-book is a documentation of a someday workshop protecting searches within the Beilstein database at the host STN. seek percentages in all major fields are defined via examples; the solutions also are given and commented. utilizing this handbook the reader can simply convert his personal challenge and formulate it safely for the host STN. One instance indicates the hyperlink among the CAS dossier and the Beilstein database utilizing the CAS-Registry quantity as seek time period. The handbook additionally offers an perception as to tips to paintings with different demonstrate fields, and a comparability among guide access and corresponding on-line list additional support the reader operating with the database.

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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1/-29 SUBSTANCE SEARCHING Using Other Substance Identifiers • Beilstein citation -Searched in the ISO field. -Number format: s-vv-ss-pppp s- Basic Series and Supplementary Series o = Basic Series 1 = Suppl. Series I 2 = Suppl. Series II 3 = Suppl. Series III 4 = Suppl. Series IV 5 = Suppl. Series V vv- Volume ss- Subvolume (Suppl. Series V onward) pppp- Page number => S 2-17-00-00013/ SO L12 2 2-17-00-00013/ SO => D 2 BRN CN SO FA L12 ANSWER 2 OF 2 BRN CN SO 79763 Beilstein ( ± )-propylene oxide ( ± )-Propylenoxyd 0-17-00-00006; 1-17-00-00004; ':":"~2-17-00-00013':"~':' Code Field Name MF CN SY FW SO LN NTE PRE BP REA DEN CTCA ORP Molecular Formula Chemical Name Synonym Formula Weight Beilstein Citation Lawson Number Notes Preparation Boiling Point Chemical Reaction Density (liquid) Calorific Data Optical Rotatory Power Occur.

00 aq. methanol 1 Reference(s): 1. Soc. 30 (1953) 1,8, CODEN: JICSAH SEARCHING FOR PHYSICAL PROPERTY INFORMATION Searching for a Specific Data Value or Values • 11/-9 Use the HELP commands online or consult the STN Database Summary Sheet for the appropriate search field(s) to use to search for a specific property. = > HELP SPHYS There are more than 100 search fields in the Beilstein file that contain values for Physical Data of chemical substances. , > HELP SELE. = Keyword SECB SELE SMAG SMCS SMEC SOPT SSAG SSEP SSPE STHE STRA Topic Electrochemical Behaviour Electrical Data Magnetic Data Multi-Component System Data Mechanical Properties Optical Properties State of Aggregation Structure and Energy Parameters Spectral Data Thermodynamic Data Transport Phenomena For information on property names and how to search them type 'HELP PROPERTIES' at an arrow prompt (= ».

Data 1 (1956) 50,52, CODEN: JCEAAX 4. Soc. 53 (1931) 737,745, CODEN: JACSAT 5. Soc. 1959 1188,1189, CODEN: JCSOA9 6. Acta 10 (1937) 431,449, CODEN: HPACAK 7. ltaL 24 I (1894),278, CODEN: GCITA9 8. Fr. (4) 45 (1929), 43, CODEN: BSCFAS 9. v. Chem. 408 (1915), 270, CODEN: LACHDL 111-15 SEARCHING FOR PHYSICAL PROPERTY INFORMATION Displaying Property Data 111-16 • The default format displays the substance identification information, plus the entries matching the query. • The following general formats are available for displaying various classes of property information.

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