By Johanna M. H. Levelt Sengers (auth.), Erdogan Kiran, Johanna M. H. Levelt Sengers (eds.)

Supercritical fluids that are neither fuel nor liquid, yet could be compressed progressively from low to excessive density, are gaining expanding significance as tunable solvents and response media within the chemical technique undefined. through adjusting the strain, or extra strictly the density, the homes of those fluids are custom-made and manipulated for the actual procedure to hand, be it a actual transformation, similar to separation or solvation, or a chemical transformation, resembling a response or reactive extraction. Supercritical fluids, besides the fact that, vary from either gases and drinks in lots of respects. on the way to thoroughly comprehend and describe their houses, it will be important to grasp the results in their nearness to criticality, to concentrate on the complicated varieties of section separation (including strong levels) that ensue while the parts of the fluid blend are very diverse from one another, and to advance theories which may deal with the massive adjustments in molecular dimension and form of the supercritical solvent and the solutes which are current.

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The dispersion equations have never been solved for the case where the density is a strong function of composition. This not only makes the experiment uninterpretable, but also leads to spurious effects, especially if the tube is coiled and centrifugal forces playa role. Recently, Clifford [36], and the Bochum group of Schneider and coworkers, including the present author [37], have estimated that a few parts in 10 000 mole fraction of an involatile impurity, such as benzene or toluene in carbon dioxide, which is a typical condition in the peak at the end of a dispersion experiment, may still give rise to several percents of density 29 contraction if the temperature is within a few kelvin from the critical point, and the density near the critical density.

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An estimate of the Krichevskii parameter can be made for dilute mixtures for which measurements of a dew-bubble curve are available near the solvent critical point, by taking the average of the slopes of dew and bubble curves. Some examples are given in Figure 12, for propane in methane [30], and for cyc10pentane in carbon dioxide [31]. Taking an average of the slopes of the dew and bubble curves, we estimate the Krichevskii parameter for cyc10pentane in carbon dioxide [31] at -20 MPa, and that for propane in methane [30, 32] at approximately -15 MPa.

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