By Emily E. Scida

This booklet investigates fashionable matters with reference to the inflected infinitive - the syntactic distribution of the Portuguese inflected infinitive, and its starting place and improvement from Early Romance.

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Nancy thinks her friends spent a lot of money’ In this example, the subject of the embedded clause (os seus amigos) is not a shared semantic argument of the superordinate verb pensa. ’ Since os seus amigos is not assigned a semantic role by pensar, it does not occur as a shared argument in this structure. In both the basic structure and the 2-control construction, the subject of the embedded infinitival clause can appear as an overt nominal or can have a null realization. However, while in the biclausal 2-control construction the subject of the embedded infinitival clause can be realized as an accusative clitic attached to the superordinate verb, the corresponding realization in the basic structure is disallowed (Rouveret 1980:96–7; Pizzini 1981:412).

Clarice did not see them make them’ *Clarice lhos viu não cometer. In the biclausal construction for the same causative and perception verbs, negation is allowed on the upstairs verbs mandei and viu and also on the downstairs infinitives venderem and cometerem. The acceptability of negation on the infinitives in these examples indicates that they are the final predicates of their clauses. This effect follows from the claim that these constructions are biclausal. Negation in examples (39a) and (39b) shows that mandei and venderem are final predicates of two separate clauses.

3 Biclausal Constructions It is recognized that within the class of biclausal constructions there exist various subdivisions. These can be based on whether the subject of the embedded clause is a shared argument of the superordinate clause, and if so whether it is an initial argument of both clauses. In Portuguese, there are two types of biclausal constructions relevant to the distribution of the inflected infinitive: the basic structure and the 2-control structure. In the biclausal 2-control construction discussed above for causative and perception verbs, the superordinate and embedded clauses share an argument, a nominal that bears both the initial 2 relation in the superordinate clause and the final 1 relation in the embedded clause.

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