By Seong-Hyuk Hong

One of many imperative metaphors within the booklet of Hosea is the metaphor of disease and therapeutic, that is explicitly or implicitly pointed out with frequency during the textual content. This booklet specializes in the social connotations of the metaphor of disease and therapeutic in Hosea 5:8-6:3 and 7:1-7. It features a theoretical research of metaphor right into a sociological dialogue concerning the social truth of eighth-century Israel and Judah in addition to a comparative research of the concept that of disorder and therapeutic within the historical close to East and conventional East Asia (Korea). This ebook breaks new flooring by way of exploring the an important importance of the metaphor within the socio-economic context of eighth-century Israel and Judah.

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This suggests that the wolf-system of commonplaces may differ from culture to culture. In a sense, a metaphor that works in one society may be absurd in another. For a more discussion on the “system of associated commonplaces,” see the following sections. G. Lakoff and M. Johnson also hold that the metaphorical structuring has a strong socio-cultural basis. ” In a culture where an argument is viewed as a dance, people would experience and view arguments in different ways from a culture where arguments are considered in terms of war (Lakoff and Johnson 1980: 4–5).

Secondly, Kittay not only puts more stress on the context but also gives a more detailed account of the context than any other proponents of the cognitive theory. Her theory enables us to view the context at the level of a semantic field wider than the word, phrase or sentence. It also serves to interpret the metaphor in the socio-cultural context as other cognitive theorists do. As displayed in her description of the background default assumptions, however, her analysis of the context is concrete and clear.

2) They are not pictures of entities, but net- Metaphor: Theoretical Framework 44 45 46 31 works or structures of relationships, focused on behavior. (3) They, in conjunction with theories, provide an ever widening panorama of explanation, allowing phenomena within a field and at times across fields to be linked in connecting networks. (4) They are paradigmdependent, created as well as discovered by persons working within a set of assumptions. Thus they are always partial, necessitating both alternative and complementary models as well as eternal vigilance against the loss of the metaphorical tension (McFague 1982: 162).

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