By Jay Cassell

Hunters, fishers, campers, sportsmen . . . regardless of your outside ardour, The Pocket searching & Fishing Guide, the convenient consultant to water and forest knowledge, belongs on your equipment. This comfortably sized and kooky instruction manual will train you all of the best outdoors secrets and techniques, from crayfish catching to moose searching, restoring rubber to dressing for dry days at the hunt. Plus, The Pocket looking & Fishing Guide is packed to the brim with informative drawings and step by step illustrations.

The Pocket looking & Fishing Guide features:

Intriguing details approximately searching and the hunted
Secrets of effectively maintaining fish
Natural bait riddles solved!
How to forecast weather
Secrets of canoe safety
Downing that deer!
Tips on garments, equipment, and what to wear
Plus a lot more to make your subsequent trip to box or movement a success!

Packed with pertinent info and exact, easy-to-follow suggestion, this is often the advisor all sportsmen may still hold once they head to the good outdoors.

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Black Squirrels are only “melanistic” phases of the common gray squirrel! Foxes have elliptical eye-pupils, like cats, when contracted, while dogs and wolves’ eye pupils are always round. Raccoons rarely attain over 30 pounds in weight. The rumor that they reach 50 or 60 pounds is apparently not founded on fact, according to Biological Survey records. Secret of Catching Pout Without Hooks Take narrow strips of calico rags and wind them into a ball about an inch in diameter. Roughly stitch these together with thread.

On fly rods and eight or nine foot boat rods this will easily be eighteen to twenty-five feet from the boat. There the slowly sinking bait will drag through the water close to the top as the boat swings about in the wind, and produce plenty of bites. On very windy days, if you are careful not to thump the boat bottom, this long light line fishing will get results in from three to six feet of water in coves near lily pads, or offshore among rocks, or on the two foot to six foot shallows near rocks, on the ledges rising up in the lake.

You’ll get many more bites on light tackle than on heavy leaders and large hooks. Use “short short” shank hooks, and nylon leaders of six pounds test or less. For sinkers use two “BB’s” or a single buckshot. Avoid big, heavy, unwieldy sinkers. Also avoid large hooks, especially long shanked ones. A number six or eight will hold the biggest small mouth that swims, and you’ll get twice or three times the bites on small hooks and light leaders. When using minnows for bait, however, a number four hook is about right, as the smaller hooks often slide right out of the bass’ mouth and throat with the minnow, when you try to set the hook—the minnow shielding too small a hook and preventing the point from entering the bass.

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