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For an individual who has attempted to benefit Italian or didn't development past a couple of words, this publication may also help. realize Paul Noble’s secrets and techniques for attaining independence in studying Italian together with his attempted and established strategy. • instructing you ways to benefit Italian extra successfully, a good way to spice up your studying efforts• information and tips from a popular language professional with a attempted and demonstrated strategy for fulfillment• additionally excellent for someone studying for the 1st time, supplying you with the instruments to profit successfully and quick• Pocket sized structure with effortless pronunciation assistance – so that you can study at the pass! “There is not anything so advanced in overseas languages that it can't be made simple.” Paul Noble

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Com/collinsdictionary @collinsdict Acknowledgements Images from Shutterstock. uk/green HarperCollinsPublishers has made every reasonable effort to ensure that any picture content and written content in this ebook has been included or removed in accordance with the contractual and technological constraints in operation at the time of publication. People who feel confused by the way languages are normally taught People who are amazed by just how closely grammer books resemble furniture assembly instructions People who studied Italian at school People coming back to the language after a break People who’ve listened to one of Paul Noble’s audio courses People who haven’t listened to one of Paul Noble’s audio courses Who is this book for?

Ready, set, go! il weekend (eel weekend) the weekend romantico (roe-man-teek-oh) romantic fantastico (fan-tass-teek-oh) fantastic politico (pol-ee-teek-oh) political illogico (ee-lodge-eek-oh) illogical Ho (o) I have visitato (visit-art-oh) visited Ho visitato (o visit-art-oh) I have visited / I visited / I did visit Roma (roam-er) Rome Napoli (nap-oh-lee) Naples Ho visitato Napoli. (o visit-art-oh nap-oh-lee) I have visited Naples / I visited Naples / I did visit Naples. passato (pass-art-oh) spent Ho passato (o pass-art-oh) I have spent / I spent / I did spend Ha (a) You have Ha passato (a pass-art-oh) You have spent / You spent / You did spend Abbiamo (ab-ee-arm-oh) We have Abbiamo passato (ab-ee-arm-oh pass-art-oh) We have spent / We spent / We did spend settembre (se-tem-bray) September il Natale (eel nat-arl-ay) Christmas a Roma (a roam-er) in Rome in Italia (een eet-al-yer) in Italy in Svizzera (een zvee-tser-er) in Switzerland Abbiamo passato il Natale in Svizzera.

O visit-art-oh roam-er) Once again, it is exactly the same in Italian. “I have visited Rome”, “I visited Rome” and “I did visit Rome” are all said in precisely the same way. In fact this is one of the many wonderful things about Italian: you get three English tenses for the price of one Italian one! “I have visited Rome”, “I visited Rome” and “I did visit Rome” are all simply: Ho visitato Roma. (o visit-art-oh roam-er) Let’s try this 3 For the Price of 1 Special Offer again now but this time with a different example.

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