'Why you do not need footwear' is the last word advisor to the Universe, Being Now and having plenty of enjoyable. Co-incidences, instinct, Manifestation, Being Now and extra, it is all right here. WYDNS is a advisor to how significant existence will be. it is a instruction manual for a brand new Humankind, a beautifully enjoyable consultant to Enlightenment, and a fantabulously fascinating tale. have you puzzled what it'd be like: should you knew the right way to fairly keep on with your center? in case you may inform your brain out of your instinct each time? in the event you may know the way CO-INCIDENCES and symptoms paintings and should you may possibly actively PLAY with them? If MANIFESTATION used to be pointless, since you knew that what you wanted was once already coming? If being current and now is enjoyable? if you happen to might ship your awareness and expertise throughout the roof? for those who may be satisfied, even if every little thing round you broke aside? for those who may possibly PLAYFULLY enable cross of even the main excessive feelings? in the event that your brain could simply go away you on my own? should you can be absolutely within the move? for those who may perhaps play (!) with the UNIVERSE? And when you may SHIFT right into a new measurement of Fabulousness? good you could! it is easy and it really is enjoyable! that is what 'Why you do not need sneakers' is all approximately. truly, that is only the start.

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In the human Body, equilibrium is worked towards automatically. If something attacks the Body, a virus for example, the Body’s entire immune system pulls together, cells, Body temperature, lymphatic system, blood, the brain, everything works together to cure the greater whole. It’s a natural reaction. It’s just what it does, it doesn’t need a reason or incentive. All its parts work together, because that instruction is part of every cell’s information. In Nature, all animals and plants work on equilibrium or balance, automatically.

Thank God it’s not the middle of winter,’ he rolled his eyes, got up and left the house. ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to work we don’t go,’ his lips hummed quietly. As he walked along the tree-lined road, minding his own business, he caught himself still whistling happily. Strange really, considering that he still felt gloomy that his day had taken such an unexpected turn. Things weren’t exactly going right for him at the moment, he thought, but somehow he didn’t seem to mind today. A good walk in the sunshine had never harmed anyone, he grinned a little more cheerful.

He couldn’t take a bus to see Ted or even call him for help, and everybody else he knew would be at work at this time, miles and miles away. Lee wracked his brain. 39 The best option - and the closest at that - was to walk to Ted’s new office five miles out of town, borrow some money and somehow arrange to get his keys. ‘Walk. Five miles. On foot. Barefoot. Phew, back to basics,’ Lee sighed. ’ he tried to cheer himself up. ‘And they do that through a jungle full of thorns and tigers, not nicely paved streets.

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