By B. Moloney

Bringing the talents of a literary historian to the topic, Brian Moloney considers the genesis of Saint Francis of Assisi's Canticle of Brother sunlight to teach the way it works as a delicately composed murals. The learn examines the saint's existence and instances, the constitution of the poem, the positive factors of its kind, and the variety of its attainable meanings.

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A number of episodes could provide examples of what I mean, but for the moment I shall focus on one: Francis chasing a beggar out of his father’s shop. The story is told by John of Perugia in Chapter I of The Beginning or Founding of the Order, which dates from 1240–41. [God] enlightened a man who was in the city of Assisi, Francis by name, a merchant by trade, and a very vain spendthrift of worldly wealth. One day he was in the shop where he customarily sold cloth, when a poor man came in, begging alms for the Lord’s sake.

6 FR A NCIS OF ASSISI A N D HIS “CA NTICLE” We see in chapter 2 that as a young man Francis aspired to become a knight and, in chapter 3, that he renounced this ambition when he became a mendicant friar. ” Chapter 9 examines how the culture of knighthood and chivalry continued to play an important part in Francis’s thought and how his knightly ambitions were lived out. ” Chapter 10 is cast in the form of a line by line commentary on the “Canticle,” elucidating points of form and style, as well as listing analogous passages in Francis’s other works, and biblical allusions.

Passed his time from childhood and miserably wasted and squandered his time almost up to the twenty-fifth year of his life. . He was an object of admiration to all, and he endeavoured to surpass others in his f lamboyant display of vain accomplishments: wit, curiosity, practical jokes and foolish talk, songs, and soft and f lowing garments. Since he was very rich, he was not greedy but extravagant, not a hoarder of money but a squanderer of his property, a prudent dealer but a most unreliable steward.

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