By Andrew T. Glicksman

The knowledge of Solomon 10 is a special passage between Jewish sapiential texts because it either offers woman knowledge as God’s performing agent in early Israelite historical past and explicitly categorizes key biblical figures as both righteous or unrighteous. Structurally, knowledge 10 is a pivotal textual content that binds the 2 halves of the booklet jointly via its vocabulary and issues. even if bankruptcy 10 is the sort of exact passage that's crucial to the paintings, no full-scale research of this bankruptcy has been tried. contemporary scholarship at the knowledge of Solomon has fascinated about the id of genres within the book’s subsections and the author’s reinterpretation of Scripture. by utilizing historic and literary feedback, this research specially specializes in the style and hermeneutical approach to knowledge 10 compared to different passages within the e-book and related different types of literature in and out the Bible. bankruptcy One establishes the aim and method of the examine, bankruptcy units the literary and ancient contexts for the knowledge of Solomon, and Chapters 3 to 6 study the textual content poetically, form-critically, exegetically, and hermeneutically. This learn concludes that Pseudo-Solomon, the book’s writer, composed and used knowledge 10 with a purpose to bind the 2 halves of the booklet jointly. Its style is that of a Beispielreihe, or instance checklist, and its shape is an alternation of confident and damaging examples which are associated via the repetition of a key-phrase. The passage additionally displays parts of aretalogy, synkrisis, and midrash. end result of the first of those components, bankruptcy 10 might be visible as supplementing the encomiastic style in chapters 6–9. moreover, the aretalogical style of the textual content depicts woman knowledge in methods just like the preferred Hellenistic Egyptian goddess Isis as a way to express Wisdom’s superiority to the pagan deity. finally, bankruptcy 10 shows six fundamental hermeneutical ideas utilized by the writer during the publication, albeit with differing levels of concentration. because the knowledge of Solomon is a overdue composition, this research illuminates one side of the Jewish Hellenistic reinterpretation of Scripture and may elucidate related modes of exegesis within the early rabbinical and early Christian eras.

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For when they passed Wisdom by, not only were they harmed by not knowing the good But also left behind a memorial of folly for humankind so that they might not be able to escape notice from those things by which they erred. But Wisdom rescued from suffering those who served her. Ill 10a She led the righteous one, a fugitive from his brother's wrath, 10b on straight paths. 10c She showed him the kingdom of God lOd and gave him knowledge of holy things. 38 Structural and Poetical Analysis 10e lOf 11a lib 12a 12b 12c 12d She made him prosper in his labors and made his toils fruitful.

XoC: This reading of the genitive is found in B-S* A 248 46 534. " 36 Structural and Poetical Analysis V 15a Aikn W , v doiov 22 m l v a k ( 3 v , aikoug <=v 65(3 9au|iaaTfj m l ^ V E T O auTOIg £ ig OKCT^V fpepag K*i elg * l 6 Y a aoxpa,v xr,v VUKTO.

And beginning in 24/23 B C. "This demotion was most likely due to the more definite distinction that the Romans made between citizens and noncitizens. - At the tone of the Roman conquest of Alexandria and thereafter, those Greek Alexandrians who were antiJewish emphasized the subjugated status of the Jews and circulated propaganda in an attempt to distinguish them from the Greek upper class* Perhaps the most significant distinction between Greco-Roman 32 33 34 35 Collins notes that the Jews were not considered full citizens in the Ptolemaic era but did have special privileges.

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