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11. See Appendix B. The failure to include Italy in these negotiations, given the provisions of the Treaty of London and the fact that Italy had been at war with Turkey since June, 1915, has always seemed strange. ) Drummond stated that he thought the Italian ambassador in London was told this later, privately and unofficially. Balfour Papers, MSS 49751, Drummond to Balfour, 5/6/19. 12. Cabinet Papers, Cab. 24/16, Memorandum by Lord Cecil for Italian ambassador, 6/7/17; E. L. Woodward and R. , Documents on British Foreign Policy, 1919-1939, Series 1 (hereafter cited as Br.

They also recognized that France would never consent to British supervision of the Straits. However, these areas, originally promised to Russia, obviously were not to be turned over to a Bolshe­ vik regime whose ideology preached uncompromising hostility to Western political systems. Even if the Bolsheviks were ultimately defeated, Russia had forfeited any claim to these territories by failing to remain in the war until its conclusion. 28 14 FROM PARIS TO SEVRES It was not generosity or some sort of overwhelming feeling of friendship for America that prompted this attitude.

Great Britain was specifically named as the most suitable power to ad­ minister a mandate in Palestine. One final point is of extreme import in considering the position of the American delegation to the peace conference. The congres­ AIMS AND ATTITUDES OF THE GREAT POWERS 23 sional elections in November, 1918, had produced a Republican majority in both houses of Congress. This had been achieved in the face of strong pleas by Wilson for a Democratic victory as a vote of confidence in his leadership and peace program.

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