By Noel Whittall

The prime guide at the intriguing recreation of paragliding, now revised and up to date.

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5 Helmet: Correct size and in good condition. Pre-Iaunch checks every time 1 Helmet on and fastened? 2 Harness on and all straps secure? 3 Lines and risers free and untangled? 4 Maillons/karabiners screwed shut? 5 Speed system (if fitted) connected? 6 Brake lines free and in the correct hands? CHAPTER 3 7 All clear above and behind? 8 Wing: all cells inflated and tinder control? 9 All clear in front? launch! In-flight cbecks Develop the habit of having a good look round the harness and canopy frorn time to time once airborne.

When you are standing up before launch, the shoulder straps should be slightly too tight for comfort. You will then find that when you are seated in flight they will be just right. Most harnesses can be adjusted in flight CHAPTER 2 Paraglider design considerations A modern paraglider is a wonderful example practical design. You can pull it off the ground to inflate in nil wind, stabilize overhead with a touch the brakes, launch it at a steady trot, and yet it will also fly forwards quite a strong breeze.

For a forward launch, lay the wing out on its back, with the trailing edge towards the launch direction: the 42 CHAPTER 3 Figure 10: Always take care to route the risers over your arms correctly when making a forward launch. Note how the front risers (the As) are held in the hands while the others pass freely over the forearms. launch will be cleaner if the wing is laid out in the form of a very shallow bow, with the tips slightly forward of the centre. Then spend a bit of time making sure that the lines are free of snags, lead them forwards, and clip yourself in.

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