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La littérature d'imagination scientifique

Cet ouvrage traite de l. a. littérature d'imagination scientifique, principalement entre 1830 et 1910. C'est une littérature qui a été portée par l. a. Révolution industrielle et los angeles imprecise d'inventions qui a modifié l. a. vie quotidienne dans les can pay développés. Cette littérature s'inscrit dans un courant qui a débuté avec Lucien, qui s'est confirmée avec Cyrano de Bergerac, pour s'affirmer avec Verne et Wells.

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Oh God, that pain again! I must take vengeance for a sire Wronged by the father of Chim`ene! How am I torn apart! My honor’s what desire would free me of, Yet I must take revenge, despite my love. One voice commands me, one would sway my heart. Forced to renounce what is most sweet to me Or live in infamy, I’m pierced by thrust and counterthrust. What answer is there, then? Can I refuse to fight, or must I slay the father of Chim`ene? Sire, mistress, honor, love, Delightful tyranny, austere demand, My glory tarnished or my passion banned.

Theseus, enraged, curses his son, calling on the god Neptune to punish him. Hippolytus is killed in a battle with a sea-monster, becoming entangled in the reins of his terrified horses, who drag him to a terrible death. His tutor, Theramenes, returns to tell the story to Theseus. Phaedra, consumed by guilt, confesses all, tells Theseus that his son was innocent and commits suicide by a slow-working poison. Theseus is left alone to mourn his son, having realized his error of judgement and the cruel duplicity of the gods.

Si c’eut faveur du monde, je me fusse mieux par´e et me pr´esenterais en une marche e´ tudi´ee. Je veux qu’on m’y voie en ma fac¸on simple, naturelle et ordinaire, sans contention et artifice: car c’est moi que je peins. Most modern editions of the Essays total well over a thousand pages. The topics covered are remarkably diverse, ranging from profound philosophical questions to codpieces and the drinking habits of Germans. 102 on Tue Aug 30 20:05:21 BST 2016. 005 Cambridge Books Online © Cambridge University Press, 2016 ‘ .

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